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Madefame C.E.O. Movement

We are an entertainment online community for entertainment professionals that offer several platforms for gaining exposure to exploit your talents. Our expansion will go beyond just the typical video sharing platform by also offering services that are in demand for having a successful entertainment career. We welcome all entertainment professionals to join our movement, so if you're a singer, rapper, beat maker, dancer, comedian, film producer, model, videographer, or music engineer, we want you to be apart of our great network where we Create Entertainment Opportunities. Be your own C.E.O. and let's make fame together.


What we do

  • A video sharing site to share your videos for exposure or training purposes
  • Live video recording for personal exposure and talent search across the country
  • Your own Channel page
  • Profile page, portfolio page, electronic press kit
  • Free beats
  • Make money from your. content
  • Sell your own merchandise
  • Crowdfunding Platform (fameraiser.com)
  • .... and much more 

Up and coming entertainers: PROMOTE and SHARE eachother's VIDEOS AND MUSIC of Singing, Dancing, Acting, Film Producing, Beats, Comedy, entertainment training videos and all  other entertainment videos. Be apart of our movement and start networking. You never know who's watching!


Our Goals

We are working on building the network but as with every big name in the game there was work needed to be done. These well known names that are successful today, also once needed funding and support to achieve the level of success they have. We also need the same to ensure the success of a community just for us entertainers. So if you are interested in becoming an investor, partner or you have the technical skill set to make our movement the next big name in the game, then reach out to us. Its plenty of success to share.

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Lets Make Fame Together

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Madefame: The Next Big Name in the Game

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